Printed Electronics

Briefly, Printed Electronics (also known as flexible electronics or organic electronics) are produced by printing or depositing specialty materials on flexible substrates to produce an electrically functional device. The industry excites many potential suppliers, manufacturers, and end users of this new technology. Printed Electronics offers many end user benefits such as lower cost, flexibility, thinness, environmental benefits and fault tolerance. The technology will impact many different markets as it replaces some traditional silicon technologies and creates new markets such as ultra low cost “disposable electronics”. We have conducted many marketing projects in printed electronics and presented at industry events since 2007. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry players, applications and markets means that Aistrup Consulting can help you gain a competitive edge in this market. Join the LinkedIn Group, Printed Electronics Network to help you learn more!

The $300 Billion potential of the Printed Electronics Market

The following two brief videos will give you some idea of why there’s so much excitement around this potentially $300 billion industry.
(Projection is from Printed Electronics industry analyst IDTechEx for the year 2025)

Markku Känsäkoski from VTT Technical Research Center of Finland talks about printed electronics and their rising importance at the Hannover Messe 2009.

“Printed Electronics Market Potential 1”

Bahgat Sammakia, director of Binghamton's Integrated Electronics Engineering Center, discusses ushering in a new age of flexible electronics.

“Printed Electronics Market Potential 2”

Visit our Glossary of Printed Electronic Terms and list of Printed Electronics industry links to learn more about this exciting market.

6 types of companies who should be interested in Printed Electronics

The industry value chain for printed and flexible electronics is long and complex as illustrated in this graphic:
Printed Electronics Industry Value Chain

“Printed Electronics Industry Value Chain”

If your company develops or manufactures any of the products or technologies along this value chain, you should consider including Printed Electronics in your marketing plan. This includes:
  1. Flexible substrates and barrier materials such as paper, films and foils
  2. Conductive, dielectric or specialty inks
  3. Manufacturing equipment and supplies including printing equipment, printing plates, testing systems and curing ovens
  4. Passive and active component technologies (displays, photovoltaics, batteries, electroluminescent lighting, sensors, printed transistors, RFID antennas, etc.)
  5. Manufacturers who print flexible electronics or integrators who integrate them with other components
  6. End product manufacturers who can benefit from thin, light weight, flexible electronics in your products (medical devices, drug delivery patches, RFID & near field communication devices, consumer packaged goods, access control, solar energy systems, and many more).
Contact us to explain the Printed Electronics value chain in more detail, or view our conference presentation.

30 ways that Aistrup Consulting can help you

We work with your management team on Market Research, Strategic Marketing Plans and Tactical Marketing Communications support.
  1. Implement our proprietary Strategic Planning Process
  2. Build your marketing plan from scratch
  3. Evaluate and challenge your current plan
  4. Refine your business model to fit changing markets
  5. Help you set realistic revenue targets and goals
  6. License or partner to extend your capabilities and reach
  7. Provide industry value chain analysis
  8. Strategize how to eliminate or bypass roadblocks that are hindering your success
  9. Collect detailed business intelligence about technologies, suppliers, competitors or end customers in the value chain
  10. Support financing activities
  11. Provide market sizing and supporting documentation
  12. Research potential funding resources
  13. Support company leadership during due diligence
  14. Identify, develop and deliver opportunities guided by your strategy
  15. Identify and cultivate high value target markets
  16. Provide industry and market insight including business intelligence, competitive analysis & marketing research
  17. Develop and conduct Voice of Customer (VOC) interviews to provide commercially relevant goals for Product Development
  18. Create and implement your new product launch plans
  19. Develop leads for your sales force
  20. Build and manage your brand and message with Marketing Communications tools
    • Optimized online presence
    • Conferences, white papers and advertising
    • Sales tools & presentations
    • PR and investor relations
  21. We leverage Licensing and Partnerships as strategic tools
  22. Maximize the value of your intellectual property (IP)
  23. License or divest current patents and IP
  24. Identify unrecognized sources of value and revenue
  25. Investigate and acquire IP to enhance and shorten the route to revenue
  26. Identify partners and perform due diligence
  27. Negotiate agreements
  28. Leverage your opportunities by identifying and establishing strategic alliances
  29. Enhance strengths of both companies with joint technology development or market development agreements
  30. Optimize resource utilization with manufacturing or distribution arrangements

Contact us to give you an edge in your Printed Electronics marketing research, strategic planning and tactical execution!

Examples of what we’ve done

  • Established market-focused performance specifications for a printed electronics component technology.
  • Helped a start-up company achieve a strong initial year of commercial revenue, and a key industry award as “Startup of the Year”.
  • Researched and analyzed Printed Electronics value chain to identify and target potential high-value customers.
  • Conducted extensive global competitive analysis to help an industry player benchmark their sales and manufacturing processes.
  • Negotiated and executed joint development agreements and IP licenses with global technology partners in the Printed Electronics industry resulting in two publicly announced agreements and additional pending agreements.
Let us tell you more!

Take a look at our Aistrup Consulting brochure for Printed Electronics and see our list of Printed Electronics links.

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