Medical Devices, Diagnostics and Equipment

If you’re in the medical product industry, you know that it has a very complex sales and marketing process. Aistrup Consulting’s founders have worked in the medical device, diagnostic and equipment industry since the 1970’s, and our experience will help you make the most of your marketing research and marketing consulting budget.

19 Medical markets we’ve served

We’ve worked with a many categories of medical products from disposable devices to capital equipment, including:
  1. Automated immunodiagnostic equipment
  2. Cardiac rhythm management systems
  3. Dialysis equipment
  4. Hearing aid accessories
  5. Hospital and testing lab equipment
  6. Implantable medical devices
  7. Infusion pumps and drug delivery systems
  8. Medical textiles
  9. MRI equipment
  10. Ophthalmic products
  11. Over-the-counter disposable diagnostic products
  12. Photodynamic therapy systems
  13. POC (Point-of-care) medical testing
  14. Robotic surgical instruments
  15. Urological products
  16. Veterinary diagnostics
  17. Wound care products
  18. Drug and addiction treatment
  19. Ion-selective Field Effect Transistor (ISFET) technology for POC diagnostics

9 ways that Aistrup Consulting can help you

  • We’ll design and conduct Market Research that will help you gain insight into your customers, focus your efforts, maximize your ROI, and beat your competition.
    1. Industry value chain analysis will help you capture the full value you create as part of the market segment.
    2. Our competitive intelligence and competitor analysis consulting services will allow you to anticipate new competing products, train your sales force, establish market-based pricing, and provide many other actionable insights.
    3. Global opportunity analysis and market sizing will help you focus on geographies and markets with the biggest ROI.
    4. Voice of Customer (VOC) and primary research studies will allow you to proactively build customer requirements into your offerings before you go to market or develop marketing campaigns that emphasize what’s most important to your customers.
    5. Win-loss analysis and customer satisfaction studies will give you business intelligence about why you do or don’t get business.
  • We’ll develop your Marketing Plan to give clarity and definition to your Marketing Strategy.
    1. We’ll take your staff through our proprietary Strategic Marketing Action Plan (MAP) Process to build your first marketing plan, or to tweak what you’ve got. Or, we can pull it all together for you.
    2. We can prepare a marketing plan to become an integral part of any funding documentation you prepare (IPO, private financing, government grants, loans, etc.)
    3. We’ll help you decide if there are opportunities to license your technology, or acquire technology from other companies to fill out your portfolio.
  • We’ll lay out your actionable Target Marketing and Communication Plan to specify what you’re going to say, how and where you’ll say it, and to what medical audiences.
    1. Elements of the plan may include brochures, technical literature, web page content, trade shows, sales lead development, branding, social media and promotional activities designed specifically for the medical marketplace.
Contact us to give you an edge in your medical marketing research, strategic planning and tactical execution!

Examples of what we’ve done:

  • Conducted an extensive VOC (voice of customer) market research program to determine how physicians actually use a medical product in their practices. Results included repositioning of an electronic medical device and enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Clarified the value proposition for a disposable medical device, established a new brand identity and ultimately positioned the product as the new industry standard. The small company realized $1 million in incremental revenue in the next year.
  • Organized international channels-of-distribution for a medical implantable device company, and developed an international expansion plan that grew overseas sales to 20% of revenue in under two years.
  • Qualified prospective licensing targets for medical diagnostic technologies, initiated discussions and negotiated terms leading to 3 executed agreements. The company earned over $50 million in license fees and royalties over the life of one of these agreements.
  • Developed more than a dozen commercialization plans for medical SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) technology companies resulting in more then $20 million of R&D funding for small businesses.
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