Medical Components

Medical components are the raw materials, parts and services used by medical manufacturing companies to create their end medical devices and medical equipment. Medical devices are a $300 BILLION marketplace. Your product or service isn’t necessarily the final medical product used by doctors or hospitals, but it is used in its manufacture. You’ll need a specific medical marketing plan to sell to the medical industry to get your piece of that $300 billion, and we can help you get it, keep it and grow it.

5 reasons you should sell to the medical device and equipment industry

The medical device and equipment industry is huge. In addition to its sheer size, here are 5 more reasons you should market and sell medical components and services to medical device and equipment companies:
  1. Value added: The medical market continues to provide value that is substantially higher than the costs of the labor and equipment needed to produce its products. This extra value added builds from your R&D, design, brands, leading edge capital equipment, new business processes and market development. If you really understand these sources of value and can contribute, you can maximize your profits when you sell to these customers.
  2. Cheapest price isn’t everything: The medical industry is one area where price is rarely the main factor when suppliers are selected. As a North American or Western European manufacturer, this gives you a stronger position relative to China, India and other countries with cheap labor.
  3. Growth: Certain segments of the medical industry are growing very rapidly. By matching your capabilities early in the development cycle to appropriate niche medical markets, you benefit from their growth potential.
  4. It’s “sexy”: Investors and employees want to contribute to the greater good.
  5. Trend toward outsourcing: The growth that many medical OEMs are experiencing requires capital investment to keep up, and many of these companies are choosing to invest in new product development instead. This creates huge opportunitiesfor you to profitably fill the gap.

10 ways Aistrup Consulting help you succeed with your medical marketing plan

Simply put, we’re experts in marketing to medical companies, and we speak their language. You’ll have a lot of competition vying for the same business, and we can give you the edge you need to succeed.
Here are some ideas of how we can help you:

  • Market research will help you decide where to focus your efforts and how to beat your competition
    1. Market segmentation will allow us to break down the huge medical industry into relevant niche markets or target markets.
    2. Industry value chain analysis will help you capture the full value you create as part of the market segment. This means you'll avoid under charging for what you offer.
    3. Competitive intelligence and competitor analysis will give you insight into the companies already in that market and what strategies and tactics they employ.
    4. Opportunity analysis and trend analysis will tell you if there is adequate potential and enough fit with a particular niche market.
    5. Voice of Customer (VOC) and primary market research will allow you to proactively build medical customer requirements into your offerings before you go to market, or adjust them once you’re already there.
    6. Win-loss analysis or customer satisfaction studies will give you business intelligence about why you do or don’t get business in the medical market.
  • Your Marketing Plan will give clarity and definition to your medical Marketing Strategy.
    1. We’ll take your staff through our proprietary Strategic Marketing Action Plan (MAP)Process to build your first medical marketing plan, or to tweak what you’ve got. Or, we can pull it all together for you.
    2. A marketing plan will become an integral part of any funding documentation you prepare (IPO, private financing, government grants, loans, etc.)
    3. We’ll help you decide if there are opportunities to license your technology to the medical companies.
  • In your Tactical Marketing or Marketing Communication Plan, we’ll lay out what you’re going to say, how and where you’ll say it, and to what medical audiences.
    1. Elements of the plan will include brochures, technical literature, web page content, trade shows, sales lead development, branding, social media and promotional activities designed specifically for the medical marketplace.
Contact us to help you with your medical marketing programs!

Examples of what we’ve done:

  • Located and pursued sensor growth opportunities that resulted in double-digit growth worth over $10 million of incremental sales in the medical device market using Six Sigma Greenbelt processes.
  • Researched and analyzed the Printed Electronics value chain to identify and target potential high-value customers in the medical industry.
  • Qualified prospective licensing targets for medical diagnostic technologies, initiated discussions and negotiated terms leading to 3 executed agreements. The company earned over $50 million in royalties and license fees over the life of one of these agreements.
  • Conducted VOC and win-loss analysis with medical customers of an injection molding firm as well as in-depth sales rep interviews to help them determine why their sales goals weren’t being met for disposable medical components.
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