Renewable Energy and
“Green Technology”

The global renewable energy market (wind power, solar power and biofuels) is projected to grow to $325.1 Billion, making it an attractive market opportunity for relevant technologies and suppliers. (2018 market projection from CleanEdge renewable energy investment analysts). We have conducted many marketing and market research projects in these sectors to evaluate the market potential for applicable technologies and evaluate the competitive landscape. Whether you call it “Renewable Energy”, “Green Technology” or “Clean Tech”, we can help you determine if the market may be an opportunity and develop a market penetration strategy for your company.

8 ways that Aistrup Consulting can help you

Here are some ideas of how we can help you:
  • Market research will help you decide where to focus your efforts and how to beat your competition
    1. Market segmentation will allow us to break down the renewable and green tech industries into relevant niche markets or target markets best suited for what you do.
    2. Competitive intelligence and competitor analysis will give you insight into the companies already in that market and what strategies and tactics they employ.
    3. Opportunity analysis and trend analysis will tell you if there is enough potential to justify entering the market.
    4. Voice of Customer (VOC) and primary market research will allow you to proactively build customer requirements into your offerings before you go to market, or adjust them once you’re already there.
    5. Win-loss analysis or customer satisfaction studies will give you business intelligence about why you do or don’t get business.
  • Your Strategic Marketing Plan will give clarity and definition to your renewable energy marketing strategy for all your constituents.
    1. We’ll take your staff through our proprietary Strategic Marketing Action Plan (MAP)Process to build your initial marketing plan, or to tweak what you’ve got.
    2. We’ll help you decide if there are opportunities to license your technology to the industry.
  • In your Tactical Marketing and Communication Plan, we’ll lay out what you’re going to say, how and where you’ll say it, and to what audiences.
    1. Elements of the plan will include brochures, technical literature, web page content, trade shows, sales lead development, branding, social media and promotional activities designed specifically for this marketplace.
Contact us to give you an edge in your wind and solar marketing research, strategic planning and tactical execution!

Examples of what we’ve done

  • Identified qualified sales leads that yielded over $30 million in new orders to manufacturers of windmill blades.
  • Conducted a product line optimization analysis for an industrial equipment manufacturer to identify low margin products and refocus business development on high profit segments geared toward the renewable energy market. Resulted in a 15% increase in gross margin.
  • Distilled actionable business intelligence on GreenTech and Renewable Energy technology into a daily bulletin and intranet database for Senior Executives, Product Management and Sales Management to facilitate decision making.
  • Strengthened product pricing strategies for management of a renewable energy technology firm, validated with in-depth analysis of competitor financials, distribution, production capabilities, new products and SWOT analyses.
  • Provided a small manufacturer of soy based candles and lotions actionable marketing research and a complete strategic and tactical marketing plan. The research and documentation helped them raise $10 million in investments to launch expanded manufacturing and enter distribution agreements with large national retailers.
  • Developed a complete commercialization plan for a developer of hydrogen separation membranes used for coal gasification and oil refineries.
Let us tell you more!
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